Sans Paragon is an NFT project of custom-made pixel/3D pixel art on the Polygon/Ethereum blockchain.

The collection is currently growing.

Each character comes with a unique set of traits.
All traits have a specific rarity, making some characters rarer than others.


Enter a world where myths, monsters, and creatures that you heard about growing up, live in a place called Sans Paragon. They live a life trying to return to the human world and cause mayhem. This NFT project is a tribute to all of those creatures from your darkest dreams, created in a simplistic pixel/3D pixel style with retro pops of color.

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Currently doing 2 giveaways on Instagram. Click the links below to view the rules!

  1. The Black Dog

  2. Woad

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Sans Paragon
Webtoon Series

In the Sans Paragon Webtoon series, you follow a younger girl named Robyn. One night, she decided to explore the woods in her backyard. She eventually ended up on top of a cliff, which had a mysterious hole. Robyn was curious and decided to get a closer look.
As her curiosity got the better of her, she fell into the hole and ended up in a mysterious dark place called...Sans Paragon. Here she encounters many creatures that
we all might know from urban legends and myths.

Sans Paragon Collection

Robyn - Sans Paragon

Robyn - #1

Keyler the Klown- Sans Paragon

Keyler the Klown - #2

Pinhead - Sans Paragon

Pinhead - #3

Typhon - Sans Paragon

Typhon - #4

El Coco - Sans Paragon

El Coco - #5

Gladstone the Doorman - Sans Paragon

Gladstone the Doorman - #6

E-Girl - Sans Paragon

E-Girl - #7

Charlie No Face - Sans Paragon

Charlie No Face - #8

La Mala Hora - Sans Paragon

La Mala Hora - #9

Goatman - Sans Paragon

Goatman - #10

Tufa the Mermaid - Sans Paragon

Tufa the Mermaid (Diurd) - #11

Shadow - Sans Paragon

Shadow - #12

Bloody Mary - Sans Paragon

Bloody Mary - #13

The Black Dog - Sans Paragon

The Black Dog - #14

Mr. Fritz the Puppet - #15

King Ghost - #16

Gretchen - #17

Madison- #18

Jack the Pumpkin King- #19

Zombie (Diurd) - #20

Squid Game Guards (Triangle) - #21

Squid Game Guards (Square) - #22

Squid Game Guards (Circle) - #23

Evil Unicorn - (Pixel.Unicorns X Sans Paragon) - #24

E-Boy - #25

Shr00m - #26

The Vlogger - #27

V2Px - #28

Dökkálfar (Dark Elf) - #29

Ljósálfar (Light Elf) - #30

[NEW] Woad - #31

[NEW] Bynor - #32

[NEW] Tech Lord - (HOLOHEADZ X Sans Paragon) #33

[NEW] Python #34